Continuous Delivery for VPS

Stanley Masinde
1 min readAug 22, 2020


Photo by Kevin Horvat on Unsplash

You are probably here because you have a VPS(Virtual Private Server) and you are looking for a simple way to ‘auto-deploy’ your awesome web applications. You could go for Travis CI or Circle CI which may be the best solution to this.

What happens when you need a less complicated solution that does not require you to grant ssh access to third parties? Yes, you heard that right no SSH whatsoever.

How is that possible?

All code sharing providers support for webhooks for events that occur in your repositories. This webhooks have payloads that contain very useful information about the event.

Show me the code

You can check out this repository. It is a NodeJS application that you can self-host in your server with a simple config.

  1. Clone the repo or download the latest stable release to your server
  2. Follow the instructions in the README.

The project is under heavy development and many features may change

If you have any questions or issues, You can raise them in the repository or email me.

Happy coding.



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