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Serverless is the new kid in the block. Imagine not having to do anything about your server; No manual IP address allocation, no database setup, not having to worry about scaling and many other benefits. Of course, you’ve heard about the hype.

Serverless makes you feel like a cool kid until you hear the charges. It is almost twice what you pay for the normal VPS. If you have some budget to spare, then this article is probably not for you.

Get to the point.

A web typical web server lets web browsers have access to its directories via HTTP. These files might include…

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I’m in a good mood today. I have to be in my best moods. It is today that I finally get to meet her family. This is one of those days that routine means little to me — it is my leave day!

“I have to catch get going now if I am to beat the usual traffic. I don’t want anything to ruin my day.”

Her parents live in the other affluent part of the city commonly known as ‘the 5%.’ “That does not seem to bother her though, we always have a good time when she visits my…

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You are trying to update files from your SPA and you notice that the files turn out blank. You cannot seem to figure out what’s wrong with your code and you’re about to give up and get your pilot’s license and switch careers because software development is taking a toll on your mental health.

Well, that was me before I discovered that this was a bug in PHP and not Laravel itself. Okay, let me make this clear. The normal PUT/PATCH methods work fine and by normal I mean the application/x-www-form-urlencoded data.

Trouble begins when you use the multipart/form-data. Everything…

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You are probably here because you have a VPS(Virtual Private Server) and you are looking for a simple way to ‘auto-deploy’ your awesome web applications. You could go for Travis CI or Circle CI which may be the best solution to this.

What happens when you need a less complicated solution that does not require you to grant ssh access to third parties? Yes, you heard that right no SSH whatsoever.

How is that possible?

All code sharing providers support for webhooks for events that occur in your repositories. This webhooks have payloads that contain very useful information about the event.

Show me the code

You can check…

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Like everyone else in this generation, I love instant messaging. I started instant messaging way back when we had Nokia phones running on Symbian OS. Those days it was magical since it was probably faster and real-time compared email and SMS. Something was different those days all I was focusing on was getting in touch ‘Instantly’ nothing more.

I first used WhatsApp messenger in 2013 on a Nokia phone I remember it was a Nokia-c3. This was double the magic and by then WhatsApp had groups. …

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